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Rotherham Equipment & Wheelchair Service (REWS)

Rotherham Equipment and Wheelchair Service (REWS) is a joint integrated NHS and Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) service dedicated to the provision of equipment to meet a health or social care need for people living in Rotherham following an assessment by a suitably qualified professional.

The Rotherham Equipment and Wheelchair Service is dedicated to providing technical expertise, and support to ensure NHS Wheelchairs meet the client requirements, and in ensuring they are in a safe and serviceable condition.

All elements of wheelchair repair, maintenance, and modification are now undertaken ‘in house’ by the REWS service, based at Chesterton Rd, Eastwood, Rotherham, S65 1SU.

The service will now be responsible for all aspects of the NHS Wheelchair and NHS/RMBC Community Equipment provision, with the following dedicated telephone numbers on which to contact the REWS Wheelchair service.

Please call 01709 302262 / 302272 (general wheelchair enquiries) to report a fault/breakdown or arrange a clinic appointment. 

The service is open from 8am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays. We do not provide an equipment repair or replacement service outside of these hours. If you have an equipment breakdown that puts your health at risk please call the Care Coordination Centre on 01709 426600. Please note, the Care Coordination Centre cannot arrange for any equipment repairs. To report a fault, please leave a message on the REWS answerphone and the service will contact you when next open.

Services we provide 

  • NHS/RMBC health and social care equipment loan service
  • NHS Wheelchair assessment service
  • NHS Wheelchair equipment service  
  • NHS/RMBC Equipment Delivery and Installation service
  • NHS/RMBC Equipment Collection service
  • NHS/RMBC Equipment Maintenance and Repair service
  • NHS/RMBC Equipment Decontamination service

 Please ask your GP for more information.

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Contact us: 

Rotherham Equipment & Wheelchair Service 

Telephone: 01709 302266 

REWS Chesterton Court
Eastwood Trading Estate
Rotherham S65 1SU